Premium Cartridges

See why the California Chalice Cup named W Vapes one of the “Best Vape Cartridges” of 2016!  W Vapes premium cannabis oil is available in 300mg and 500mg pre-filled cartridges. Available in a variety of seasonal Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strain-specific options, every cartridge contains locally-sourced, pesticide-free, 100% pure cannabis oil.

All-In-One Disposables

Premium quality, great taste, and convenience all come together beautifully in this simple, sleek disposable vape pen from W Vapes. This all-in-one device offers a portable and discreet vaping experience, delivering our strain-specific, CO2-extracted, pure cannabis oil whenever and wherever you want.


W Dabs

The new W Dabs Clear Concentrate is a CO2-extracted, terpene-rich, ultra-distilled, pesticide-free, amazingly potent and pure medicine. Strain-specific, powerful, and tasty, these delicious full gram W Dabs come in a reusable silicone jar paired with free Dab tool. W Dabs Clear Concentrate provides one of the cleanest tasting dabbing experiences available without sacrificing strength or efficacy.

W Pre-Rolls

The newest addition to our award winning line-up of products is W pre-rolls, which are available in basic, infused and multi-packs. W Pre-rolls are made with locally sourced, lab-tested, and pesticide-free cannabis. Every pre-roll is hand finished for the perfect fill consistency; then weighed to guarantee a minimum 1g of 100% pure flower.


About Our Oil

Gold In/Gold Out. Everything in our oil comes from the flowers that were extracted and nothing else: No mixing of strains, no store-bought terpenes, no flavorings, no additives (pg, vg, mct), enhancers, synthetics, or adulterants. Pure cannabis oil, from a single-source. 100% Pure Concentrated Soul.