W is the newest in high tech oil pen design filled with organic supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil.



Filled with Organic Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Tested for quality, purity, and potency.

  • The Silver Tip

    Sophisticated look. Hits better. Lasts longer.

  • The Central Pole

    Central pole allows for increased air flow and better hits.

  • The Glass Container

    Improved quality. Streamline design.



Ideal choice for easy, on-the-go usage.

  • Oil Gauge

    Oil guage displays oil level.

  • The Tip

    Secured enforced silver tip. No leakage and better hits.

  • Cartridge

    Exclusive new design for better airflow.


Advance chip technology in the 280mah battery available in 4 colors


Advance chip technology in the 350mah push button battery available in 4 colors



Organic Supercritical CO2 extracted oil made with a proprietary terpene separation process results in true
premium cannabis oil with amazing flavor. Tested for quality, purity, and potency.

What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

If you’ve ever wondered how caffeine is removed from coffee, or the individual nutrients that go into herbal and dietary supplements are isolated, the answer is supercritical fluid extraction. In nature, Carbon dioxide (CO2) exists only in a gas or solid state, but the addition of pressure and heat can cause it to become liquid. If more heat and pressure are applied beyond a specific threshold known as the critical point, it becomes a supercritical fluid, simultaneously exhibiting the traits of a gas and a liquid. Once this occurs, the solvent can be used to extract the desired compounds from the base material: be it coffee, essential oils, or the THC rich product known as honey oil.

What are the disadvantages of CO2 Extraction?

Nothing is perfect, and supercritical CO2 extraction has a few drawbacks. The knowledge and technical tools necessary to perform an extraction aren’t cheap or easy to come by. CO2 extraction requires a dedicated space and materials to properly remove the oil from the plant matter, meaning that this isn’t the kind of DIY project you can take on a whim. There also may be some loss of flavor in the final honey oil product, compared to other extraction methods.

What are the advantages of CO2 Extraction?

Given the cost and difficulty of this method, it’s easy to see why one might be tempted to find an alternative extraction method. While a closed loop butane extraction may be safe and relatively clean, it can still leave behind unwanted contaminants. Additionally, this type of extraction requires more time and an initial investment in the specialty equipment needed to perform such extractions safely. CO2 extraction leaves no contaminants behind and is considered a food safe chemical, whereas butane creates a waste product that must be recycled or disposed of, and has the potential to leave behind toxic byproducts in the finished product. CO2 extraction is not only safer and cleaner than butane, but faster as well. The temperature and pressure of the supercritical fluid can also be adjusted to selectively extract specific compounds from the base material.


Premium Cartridges

Each cartridge contains 300 or 500MG of pure cannabis oil.


Each disposable contains 350mg of pure cannabis oil.


Advance chip technology in the 280mah battery available in 4 colors


Advance chip technology in the 350mah push button battery available in 4 colors