W Vapes is the freedom to feel better, whenever and wherever you want.

The Source

It began with two people — artists and lovers (of each other, and of the greater good) — who truly cared about other humans. With hearts as big as the ocean, combined with the necessary ferocity and sense of humor to match, they spent a good portion of their lives risking arrest and courting the dangers of revolutionary action to save lives, bring joy, open hearts, and expand minds.

In a weird and wonderful twist of fate (that some may call kismet, luck, karma, or destiny) their noble project was discovered by partners willing to invest in the necessary infrastructure to bring this pure love to the people, en masse. The result: An unbelievable explosion of care. This is it. This is W Vapes. Love in a Bottle.


A Message From Our President

img_6238Being at W Vapes is about providing the best possible medicine at an affordable cost to everyone and anyone who needs it. We believe that excellent cannabis treatments should be readily available and easily accessible. Knowledge is power, and helping to educate people about what they are putting in their bodies and the different ways they can medicate which will be most effective for them is incredibly gratifying. I dream of a world where this is no longer considered taboo or “alternative” and want to help banish the misconceptions. The ability to have a voice in the legislative process, and work with directly with cities, the state, and stakeholders first-hand to help change the laws for this miracle plant is one of the most inspiring things I have been able to be a part of. Being able to help make a change in the world, where someday this will hopefully not be considered “alternative medicine” is beyond a dream come true.

For me W Vapes is about love, trust, medicine, loving what you do and who you do it with. When we see the patients benefiting from our medicine the feeling of accomplishment, inspiration, and gratitude for people trusting us and our product is beyond anything I could possibly describe. I have had my own health issues that have been treated with pharmaceuticals for practically my entire adult life; the founders of W Vapes made me a special tincture of CBD and THC that has basically replaced the pharmaceuticals. Coming to W Vapes has been nothing shy of life changing.

– Layla Ross

We are W Vapes

W Vapes Jeff Nagel

Jeff Nagel:
Co-Founder and Lab Director

With Cherokee and German ancestry, Jeff Nagel hails from the Carolinas and is the co-founder of W Vapes. Read More…

W Vapes Amber Abbott Variety

Amber Abbott:
Co- Founder/Creative Director:

My background is in the arts and all things Cannabis. I am a singer, songwriter, actor, photographer, model and spokesperson. Read More…

W Vapes Juli Crockett

Dr. Juli Crockett:
Chief of Compliance and Strategy

Julie is Co-Chair, of National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and on Board of Directors of California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). Alabama-born Juli Crockett is a bona fide Renaissance woman: singer/songwriter, playwright/theater director, retired (undefeated) professional boxer, and Read More…

W Vapes Ken Breese Brand Ambassador

Ken Breese:
Brand Ambassador

Hailing from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Ken specializes in providing information to vendors and patients about W Vapes products. Read More…