Experience a revolutionary way to vape cannabis concentrates. The W Vaporizer produces consistent, full-bodied flavor with robust clouds of vapor.

  • The POD

    Dual wick made of organic cotton. Increased airflow for bigger hits.

  • The Battery

    Long lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Magnetic charging dock with USB connector.

  • The Body

    Made of aircraft grade 6066 aluminum; lightweight, durable, and sleek design provides comfortable feel.


  • "They hit like a brick. Big plume. Nice consistent draw."

    - KB
  • "Taste like smoking a joint. Smokes just like a blunt."

    - JB
  • "The direct inhale system of the W Vaporizer offers up big hits and produces large clouds."

    - YT

W award winning, strain specific oil, is designed to be vaped and enhanced with our high-tech pods. W Vaporizers sleek and slim design feels good in the hand, and fits nicely in the pocket, making it perfect for use on-the-go. Our manufacturer and laboratory created the perfect pod system that frees users from dealing with sticky, drippy oils. Each one of our products is made with the same attention to detail that you come to expect from the W brand.

Why you should get a W Premium Vaporizer



How do I use the W Vaporizer?

Simply inhale; our device is a direct inhale with no buttons needed!

How do I remove and replace my W oil pod?

Switch out your W Oil Pod with ease, with simple Snap-and-go interchangeable pods.

Is it easy to carry while on-the-go?

Coming in at only 4.25” tall x .75” wide x .30” thick, the W Vaporizer is one of the slimmest and sleekest ever.

Will the W Vaporizer affect the flavor?

Our dual wicking technology enhances the flavor profiles, directly from the original plant’s terpenes.

What kind of connection does the battery have?

Our charging cord is unlike any other, with a simple magnetic port to attach the battery to your provided USB cable with ease.

Wicked or Wickless?

Dual wicking technology provides excellent flavor profiles and consistent hits, every time.

My battery is blinking! What do I do?

A blinking battery simply means it’s time for a charge. Connect your battery to the charger for a quick 30 minutes recharge.

Do the pods come in different strains?

Our pods will be coming in many different strains to keep up with the ever-changing demand from our customers. We are currently available in the 11 strains listed below.

How long will my battery last?

On average the battery should last for at least two days, depending on the frequency of use.

How many puffs do I get on one battery life?

Between 500-750 puffs

How do I charge the battery?

Attach your battery to the simple magnetic port on your provided USB cable, for a quick 30 minute recharge.

Battery Capacity and specs?

Direct Inhale Battery – 350 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion = one of the most technologically advanced vaporizer batteries ever created.

How much does it cost?


How much does a replacement pod cost?



Premium Vaporizer Kits

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  • product

Each W Vaporizer Kit contains 500MG Pure Cannabis Oil, a battery and a charger.

W Vaporizer PODS

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Each W Vaporizer POD contains 500MG or 1 Gram of Pure Cannabis Oil.

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