FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     CANNABITION CANNABIS MUSEUM, OPENING SEPT. 20, BUILDS BRANDING INTO EXPERIENCE WITH SPONSORED EXHIBITS   In a cannabis-industry first, the world’s trailblazing cannabis-themed educational attraction seeks to give cannabis and cannabis-adjacent companies an opportunity to engage audiences through immersive, experiential exposure.   LAS VEGAS (September [...]

FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Drug for Seizures

Washington, D.C. -- U.S. health regulators on Monday approved the first prescription drug made from marijuana, a milestone that could spur more research into a drug that remains illegal under federal law, despite growing legalization for recreational and medical use. The Food and Drug Administration approved the medication, called Epidiolex, to treat two rare forms [...]

Farmers market for marijuana first of its kind in Las Vegas

A farmers market for pot — the creators say the first in the state is in Las Vegas.

It’s inside Acres Cannabis. You’ll hear loud music and see metal and graffiti on the walls as well as vendors selling out of car trunks.

Top 10 Reasons Vaping Is Gaining in Popularity

By Alice Grace A vaporizer is a device that is used to actually vaporize cannabis essential oil for the purpose of inhalation. Vaporizers heat up cannabis in such a way that it does not combust or catch on fire rather the heating process causes the oil to release its cannabinoids into a vapor which is then [...]

California Going Rec

AS CALIFORNIA GRAPPLES WITH ROLLING OUT LEGAL POT IN 2018, UNCERTAIN REGS AND A 45% TAX MEAN A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD COULD BE A BETTER BET No small undertaking for either state or local bodies, the grand opening of California’s statewide weed market is fraught with issues, as many towns and counties contend with how to [...]

California Issues First Batch of Legal Recreational Marijuana Licenses

On Thursday, California issued its first group of recreational business license only 18 days before January 1, when legal marijuana sales begin. The 20 temporary licenses, good for 120 days, represent a fraction of the thousands of licenses expected to follow once the state embraces recreational marijuana in the upcoming year. Torrey Holistics are one [...]

W Vapes hangs with Tommy Chong

W Vapes was in San Bernardino, CA hanging with Tommy Chong at the Blazers Cup. It was 2 day celebration recognizing premier cannabis products from California. Live music from The Game and B-Real energized fellow cannabis lovers further after they stopped by the W Vapes booth.

Smoke Stack Boogie: W Vapes hosts a stellar Vegas after party

The buzz was electric all around the Las Vegas, as attendees of one of the largest cannabis specific trade shows, the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, poured into the industry only after party hosted by W Vapes. Party goers touted it as the highlight of the week as hundreds of cannabis industry tastemakers and influencers converged […]

Will California Be Ready for Recreational Sales in January?

California is set to begin recreational marijuana sales on January 1, but that doesn’t mean they are fully prepared. Los Angeles and San Francisco are two of the many cities struggling to work with the local rules for cannabis shops and growers. Without the regulations, there could be restricted options in many areas for consumers [...]

Get Ready For Your Scariest Cannabis Experience Yet

‘Tis the season of hayrides, haunted houses, and all things scary. Do you think these horrific experiences would be better or worse after consuming cannabis? Heretic House in California is about to put it to the test for the first time this Halloween in their new horror show “SLEEP”. Heretic House is an extreme, exclusive, [...]

Could Cannabis Ever Replace Anti-Anxiety Medications?

Recent studies have shown that regular cannabis use could make a person less prone to anxiety, even when they’re sober. The study found that people who consume marijuana multiple times a week had a decreased stress reaction when exposed to a high-pressure situation even after a period of abstinence from marijuana. The non-cannabis users who [...]

California’s First Legal Harvest Threatened By Wildfires

Life-threatening wildfires fanned by strong winds are wiping out parts of Northern California, killing at least 11 people, thousands of trees, over 120,000 acres of land, and destroying some 1,500 structures. According to the California Department of Forestry, over 30,000 people in the path of this devastating fire have evacuated their homes. Cannabis growers North [...]

Cannabis Industry Struggles With Hiring People With Previous Marijuana Convictions

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, a debate is emerging over whether those with drug convictions should be allowed to work in the industry. Marijuana businesses are at a halt with the situation due to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ anti-drug rhetoric. Meanwhile, the fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar industry is calling for investors and entrepreneurs. There [...]

Lightening The Carbon Footprint of Cannabis Farms

In a protected and controlled environment, you can grow a profitable mix of high-potency medical marijuana and any number of milder strains appealing to a new market. Unfortunately, a successful grow house comes high energy bills and a heavy carbon footprint. Co-founder of Micro-Grid Company Scale, Tim Hade, said, “It’s a big problem. It has [...]

Millennials Are Smoking Less Marijuana, But Still Consuming It: The Rise of Cannabis Concentrates

Even though cannabis has been legal in parts of the Unites States for more than two decades, many people still think smoking is the only way to consume marijuana. As the cannabis industry evolves, so do the methods of intaking it. You may have heard about vaping and edibles, but have you heard about cannabis [...]

Cannabis Testing Laboratories Running at Full Capacity During Fall Harvest

For some, September means football and returning to school for millions of students. For the past few years, September has also meant that it’s harvest season for the country’s newest legal cash crop: Cannabis. Not long ago, the only thing that seemed to come out of the annual fall cannabis harvest were arrest records published [...]

Las Vegas Opens Its First 24/7 Cannabis Dispensary

The Las Vegas City council recently voted to permit the Oasis Cannabis Dispensary to be a 24/7 dispensary. The approval was granted despite the city codes that state dispensaries must close between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian questioned why opening the dispensary three more hours was necessary. CEO and co-founder of Oasis [...]

Nevada Casinos Take Interest in Marijuana Industry

Regardless of the industry’s concerns, Nevada’s gaming industry could be cashing in on marijuana. Governor Brian Sandoval Recently announced that he signed an executive order instructing Nevada’s Gaming Policy Committee to discuss and reconsider working with marijuana businesses. Sandoval made it clear that gaming regulators are aware of rules regarding marijuana consumption on licensed gaming [...]

Marijuana Consumers Would Rather Sleep Than Party

Marijuana Consumers Would Rather Sleep Than Party Many people categorize stoners as party animals, but it turns out that isn’t always true. According to a survey conducted by Consumer Research Around Cannabis, nearly half of marijuana consumers are using cannabis as a sleep aid. The survey found that out of the 1,258 marijuana users surveyed, [...]

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Grow Houses Stand Strong After Hurricane Irma

Along with the rest of the Florida population, medical marijuana providers have been taking precautions for the hurricane season since the beginning of the year. Although the new industry prepared for the damaging conditions they could face such as wind, rotting, and flooding, no amount of planning could fully prepare them for their first encounter [...]

Studies show Marijuana use is on the rise in the U.S.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and the report from the Public Health Institute, adult marijuana use is on the rise.     The National Survey found that in 2016 nearly 21% of U.S. residents, between the ages of 18-25, and 15% of the general public, ages 26-34, are using cannabis […]

Nevada Brand Name Marijuana is Closer Than You Think

Nevada Brand Name Marijuana is on its way.   Since medical legalization has come to Nevada, we have heard almost every pseudo-name under the sun when it comes to marijuana: Super Lemon Haze, Chemdawg, Headband, Cheese, UK Cheese, Blue Dream, Glazed Cherries, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon Jack, Super Silver Haze, LA Confidential, Tangie, and the [...]

U.S. Attorney General Admits Marijuana Is Not a Gateway Drug.

U.S. Attorney General Admits Marijuana Is Not a Gateway drug.   For those of us who grew up in the 90’s and participated in the drug awareness program, D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse Resistance Education, we were taught that marijuana was a gateway drug to harder drugs such as, cocaine and heroin.   Now the U.S. [...]

Answers to Common Nevada Marijuana Patient Questions

Answers to Common Nevada Marijuana Patient Questions   Will I be able to smoke anywhere I want? Can we buy pot from a delivery service now? Does Proposition 64 change my status as a medical marijuana patient? What about possession on a federal highway? These are just some of the questions that Nevada residents have [...]

Federal Law May Battle State Marijuana Legalization

Federal Law May Battle State Marijuana Legalization   The new President-elect Donald Trump has almost made his pick of Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general of the United States, threatening marijuana legalization in Nevada and across the country. Activists are now afraid that Senator Sessions’ stance against marijuana reform will continue to take place as [...]

“The Edibles Show” Debuts with W Vapes – Edibles List Magazine

Edibles List Magazine, with host Patrick Moore, debuted its inaugural broadcast of, The Edibles Show, featuring W Vapes on Z420.TV, now in Nevada! With guests, David Argudo (La Puente city council member,) Lyla Ross (Manager of K. Town Collective/past W Vapes employee,) and Tommy Bechtold, The Edibles Show host Patrick Moore featured W Vapes!   [...]

State of Emergency: “Nevada’s Running out of Recreational Marijuana!”

Nevada is running out of weed faster than they can carry it to the front of the store; they're not allowed to...   From the fist second of recreational marijuana legalization in Nevada, sales have far exceeded everyone’s dreams and expectations, which now threatens to leave some dispensaries empty and dry. It’s been less than [...]

National Cannabis Industry Association Joining Warriors in Oakland Hotel

Dub Nation: Cannabis Takes Over The NBA Finals   Huge week in Oakland this week, not only are the Golden State Warriors going back Home for game 5 of the NBA Finals but the 4th Annual National Cannabis Industry Association(NCIA) Business Summit & Expo will also be joining the Warriors at their practice hotel in [...]

W Vapes Supporting NorCal Cannabis Cup

W Vapes joined many others at the NorCal Cannabis Cup.   One of the desired awards within the cannabis industry is The High Times Cannabis Cup award and this year’s cup was somewhat bittersweet as the medical marijuana festivals will soon be a thing of the past. Summer is our favorite time of year, being the [...]

Northern California Budtender Appreciate Day: W Vapes x Dope Magazine

Northern California Budtender Appreciate Day: W Vapes x Dope Magazine The premier annual Northern California Budtender Appreciation Day was held last weekend in beautiful San Francisco. The B.A.D. Party has been part of the DOPE Magazine tradition for years and it was at last the NorCal community’s time to shine! DOPE paired up with Presenting Sponsor Northern [...]

Conserving the Cannabis Community in Mendocino

Mendocino County is well-known for its alluring coast and two major crops, one of them is wine and the other is cannabis. These two leading industries have been running in the same circle lately as cannabis begins to advance towards appellation. Flow Kana is ahead of the curve as they have recently purchased 80 acres [...]

Cannabis News: California’s First Cannabis Gym Coming This Fall

California’s First Cannabis Gym Coming This Fall   California will welcome the world’s first cannabis gym this fall in San Francisco but the focus won’t be on cannabis, the gym praises using cannabis for pain, focus, and meditation. Jim McAlpine, owner of Power Plant Fitness, told USA TODAY. Adult-use of recreational marijuana is legal in [...]

La Mesa Finally Allows Cannabis Business In after 20 years

La Mesa Finally Allows Cannabis Business’ In after 20 years   La Mesa is a small beach town located in Southern California near San Diego, last November they voted to allow cannabis business’ to operate in their town. Measure U, allows medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation centers, and manufacturing sites within city limits. Prior to last [...]

Government-Grown Cannabis Is The Worst

Clinical Trials: Government-Grown Cannabis Is The Worst   Government grown cannabis is comparable to lawnmower clippings or a bag of fresh hay that was ground up and packaged. The United States, since the 1960s, has required the cannabis that is used for research be sourced through the government. This government cannabis is then used in [...]

Nevada Allowing Recreational Cannabis as Early as July 1st

Recreational cannabis shops in Nevada could open as early as July 1st according to a timeline proposed by the state’s top tax official. The Department of Taxation has been crafting rules and deadlines to govern recreational cannabis since Nevada voters legalized it for adults 21 and older last November.   A draft of those regulations [...]

Business of Marijuana: The University of Denver

Business of Marijuana: The University of Denver   The marijuana industry can be very lucrative and the University of Denver wants to prepare students that are interested in pursuing careers in the marijuana industry. Breaking into the industry up until very recently meant that you had to have the right connections and just know the [...]

Raids Are Likely as Feds Target Legal Cannabis

As cannabis legalization pushes forward in California the looming threat of federal raids on cannabis businesses are more and more likely. Even though Californians voted to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act last November, cannabis use and sales is still illegal on a federal level. Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has expressed his [...]

NFL player Marvin Washington Tackles The CBD Industry

Follow The Science Football is one of America’s most treasured traditional sports, but it is also one of America’s most violent games when it comes to playing in the NFL. The hard hits that happen during the natural course of a career can have lasting effects on players. Some damage is done physically but the [...]

What To Know When Buying a Cannabis Vape Pen

Cannabis vape pens have been gaining popularity in the medical marijuana industry for a few years now. Just recently cannabis vape pens have become a more popular, less harmful option for ingesting cannabis. This is because vaping negates the risk of inhaling potentially carcinogenic fumes from plant material that is lit on fire. Vape pens [...]

This Greenhouse Company is being called the ‘Tesla of Cannabis’

Tantalus Labs has been called the “Tesla of cannabis” because of its forward thinking in the technology field and its environmental stewardship, helping cannabis growers make more of an impact and leave less of a footprint. The nickname was given to Tantalus Labs by Shafin Diamond, a prominent Canadian angel investor.   Tantalus Labs has [...]

Does Recreational Marijuana stand a chance against Trump

The recreational marijuana movement began more than 20 years ago when California voted overwhelmingly to pass Proposition 215, which legalized medicinal marijuana. Since the passing of Proposition 215 there have been 27 other states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.   A report released in January by the [...]

Florida Does Not Look at California as Model for Medical Marijuana

Florida's amendment 2 puts them next in line to become one of the states in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana use for those who obtain a doctor’s recommendation. Even though California has been doing it for almost 20 years, Florida is not looking at California as an ideal model for the medical marijuana industry. [...]

California’s First Members-Only Cannabis Cafe

Nestled among the dive bars and music studios of North Hollywood sits Wake and Bake cafe. Wake and Bake is an Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe, offering its members free wifi, cable TV, a hot cup of coffee and a cozy place to consume cannabis products. Wake and Bake is a place where writers can take refuge [...]

Las Vegas 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Proceeding Without Cannabis

The Las Vegas 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup hosted by High Times magazine which is scheduled to take place this weekend, March 4th & 5th, will have to go on without cannabis. Nevada’s Moapa Paiute Tribe is scheduled to be the site of the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup but due to a misinterpretation of [...]

Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017

The “Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017” was recently introduced by representatives Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). The act would remove the cannabis plant from the Controlled Substances Act which would provide the states with the exclusive authority to regulate the plant however they see fit.   According to polling data that was [...]

How To Purchase Marijuana in California

Recreational marijuana sales are right around the corner but if you can’t wait until January 1, 2018, you'll have to settle for medical marijuana, here are some tips to help you navigate the California medicinal marijuana market. When we first started purchasing marijuana it was a very different world, now you can find a medical [...]

W Vapes Teams up with Slyng for a Dispensary Strain Poster

W Vapes is excited to team up with Slyng on a strain poster featuring 50 popular cannabis strains. Slyng is the first real cannabis industry community where users can search for deals, products, and events as well as have full access to write reviews and educate themselves on all industry products and information.   With [...]

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