Cannabis News: California’s First Cannabis Gym Coming This Fall

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California’s First Cannabis Gym Coming This Fall


California will welcome the world’s first cannabis gym this fall in San Francisco but the focus won’t be on cannabis, the gym praises using cannabis for pain, focus, and meditation. Jim McAlpine, owner of Power Plant Fitness, told USA TODAY. Adult-use of recreational marijuana is legal in California, however only dispensaries can sell it. Using marijuana in public is banned so the gym will accommodate those who choose to inhale marijuana by creating a designated space for them.


“For the people that it affects the right way, cannabis can make working out fun,” McAlpine said. “If you make it more fun, people are going to do it more.” When new clients join the gym, it won’t be as simple as showing up and eating edibles and working out, new member will undergo a cannabis performance assessment. The means staff will assess clients during a sober workout and a workout after using cannabis. This isn’t McAlpine’s first project that incorporates cannabis and fitness, he has also founded the 420 Games, and he anticipates that about half of the clients won’t be a good fit for cannabis-influenced workouts.


Not everyone is a fan of McAlpine’s projects, Dr. Scott Krakower, assistant unit chief of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York thinks that the option is dangerous. “I worry that the philosophy of the country is going towards health, happiness, smoke weed,” Krakower said. “You are glorifying weed and saying it’s this agent that’s going to cure everything. I don’t think that’s going to be the case.” He went on to say that the message can be especially damaging to children and young adults, even though the numbers show that young adults are choosing to not use cannabis as much as past generations.

“Ingesting compounds at a younger age…19 and 20 years old, brains are still forming,” Krakower said. “I worry that they could be exposed to something that could be potentially negative to them.” There just is not enough evidence to prove one way or the other and there won’t be for a few more years. Doctor’s have the right to be skeptical as we have never accepted or promoted cannabis to be used as a medicine.

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