This Greenhouse Company is being called the ‘Tesla of Cannabis’

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Tantalus Labs has been called the “Tesla of cannabis” because of its forward thinking in the technology field and its environmental stewardship, helping cannabis growers make more of an impact and leave less of a footprint. The nickname was given to Tantalus Labs by Shafin Diamond, a prominent Canadian angel investor.


Tantalus Labs has their sights set on creating state-of-the-art cultivation sites designed to give marijuana plants the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing. The long battle between indoor grown cannabis and outdoor grown cannabis has been going on for quite some time. The main argument is that indoor cannabis is given a controlled environment and outdoor cannabis is given the full spectrum of the sun to produce the best quality flowers. Tantalus Labs is producing a product that would give cannabis growers the best of both worlds.


The greenhouses that Tantalus Labs produces are fully automated, for example British Columbia gets lots of rain, so Tantalus Labs created a water recapture system on the facility’s 120,000-square-foot roof. The rainwater is filtered, fed natural fertilizers, and pumped through an irrigation system that waters the plants. This is as close to a natural strategy as humanly possible.


Tantalus Labs looked to the agricultural industry for the best practices. Dan Sutton, founder and managing director of Tantalus Labs, says “we take those core concepts and we iterate on them so we can provide consistency, not only in product output, but in meeting a pharmacological standard.”


It is obvious that cannabis growers are starting to take pages from big agriculture and reinventing/creating new systems that will make growing more manageable at a large scale. Tantalus Labs is headed in the right direction by creating systems that are not only an improvement to growing techniques but protecting the environment from further damage. There are currently products similar to Tantalus Labs but none come close to matching the environmental sustainability.

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