Cannabis Testing Laboratories Running at Full Capacity During Fall Harvest

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For some, September means football and returning to school for millions of students. For the past few years, September has also meant that it’s harvest season for the country’s newest legal cash crop: Cannabis.

Not long ago, the only thing that seemed to come out of the annual fall cannabis harvest were arrest records published by law enforcement and thousands of photos of cannabis plants confiscated by the DEA. This year, though, Wall Street research analysts will have their eyes on the results of this year’s cannabis harvest for other reasons. More cannabis-related deals are trading on public exchanges for investors to take advantage of what is now one of the fastest growing agriculture sectors in the world.

We currently have 29 states representing 190 million Americans or over 60% of the total United States population with some sort of access to legal marijuana, and with eight of those states being granted recreational sales for cannabis products, the annual harvest is a significant interest to many spectators. There will be approximately 1 million pounds of cannabis harvested over the next 8 weeks across the United States.

That estimate may even be on the low side, and is still an extraordinary number, as it is calculated at a 2.5 billion dollars of wholesale business that is not going towards criminal drug cartels. When the retail markup and diversification of the raw product into other products is broken down, that number will most likely shoot up to nearly 10 billion dollars of revenue generated solely by the nation’s cannabis industry.

That is an extra 10 billion dollars that is not going towards criminal cartels running guns and sex trafficking. Instead, those dollars are being used by city and state governments to employ thousands of people and keeping law enforcement focused on more important criminal matters that affect citizens every day.

The cannabis industry has had an amazing impact on our nation. The annual Fall harvest is in progress and we should see the financial results of this around January 2018. If you are interested in joining the cannabis industry, now would be the perfect time to jump in.


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