Government-Grown Cannabis Is The Worst

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Clinical Trials: Government-Grown Cannabis Is The Worst


Government grown cannabis is comparable to lawnmower clippings or a bag of fresh hay that was ground up and packaged. The United States, since the 1960s, has required the cannabis that is used for research be sourced through the government. This government cannabis is then used in clinical trials or sent out to the very limited amount of patients that are provided with federally approved cannabis.


Sue Sisley is a researcher who is conducting a first-ever clinical trial of cannabis as a potential treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The government-grown cannabis that was given to her for use in the clinical trial isn’t even recognizable compared to commercial medical cannabis offered by recreational states. “It didn’t look like cannabis. It didn’t smell like cannabis,” she told PBS NewsHour, which described the substance’s as looking “like green talcum powder.”


A few of the samples Sisley received failed to conform to the chemical potency she’d requested for the study, Sisley said. A certain strain was supposed to contain 13% THC but when Sisley tested it showed it was closer to 8%. The clinical trials that are being done will help provide information and set precedents for clinical trials in the future, how can this be done properly with bad quality cannabis.


The University of Mississippi has been the dedicated site for producing government-approved cannabis since 1968. The cannabis program at the University of Mississippi is overseen by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. There is not much information available about how the University of Mississippi produces the government approved cannabis.

We would hope that the government and the NIDA would at least have the cannabis grown organically, organic cannabis is some of the most natural and highest grade of cannabis. Only time will tell if the program at the University of Mississippi will hire a master gardener or a consultant to help raise the quality of cannabis.

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