National Cannabis Industry Association Joining Warriors in Oakland Hotel

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Dub Nation: Cannabis Takes Over The NBA Finals


Huge week in Oakland this week, not only are the Golden State Warriors going back Home for game 5 of the NBA Finals but the 4th Annual National Cannabis Industry Association(NCIA) Business Summit & Expo will also be joining the Warriors at their practice hotel in Oakland. All media coverage may not necessarily be the best since some of mainstream media still believe in the stigma of cannabis users. This entire situation is so interesting it has sparked attention from Sports Illustrated reporter Lee Jenkins who tweeted:



Although most of the jokes gyrate around the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead, we are going to forget that since the Warriors just won the NBA Championship last night. The stars have aligned if you are a Dub Nation fan living in the Bay area. Proudly W Vapes just released a Dub Nation inspired push button battery just a week ago at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Santa Rosa, the battery is only available at Harborside in Oakland.


Lets put all jokes aside, it’s still very interesting how mainstream media still views the cannabis community. The NCIA event is a business-to-business summit & expo which means there will be no cannabis consumption on site at all. That’s kind of like saying that a Brewer’s Association convention is just a keg party. It’s just not that simple. As the cannabis industry matures we hope that people will be become more open minded and educate themselves more on whats actually going on in the cannabis industry. It’s easy to make assumptions without taking the time to do the necessary research.


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