Federal Law May Battle State Marijuana Legalization

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Federal Law May Battle State Marijuana Legalization


The new President-elect Donald Trump has almost made his pick of Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general of the United States, threatening marijuana legalization in Nevada and across the country. Activists are now afraid that Senator Sessions’ stance against marijuana reform will continue to take place as he gains his new power. Now the fight will really begin for the marijuana industry’s leaders to lobby and rally Trump’s cabinet to make sure the president-elect’s policies are consistent with his campaign comments.


Trump’s campaign comments were that he favors allowing states to decide for themselves how to enforce marijuana laws. We look at Las Vegas and Nevada specifically as they’re the first to go recreational under Trump’s presidency, “We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.” Bill Piper told The LA Times. This is probably how a majority of the population feels about the situation since Sessions said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” at a legislative hearing in April.


Christopher Kim, the owner of Garden Grove Dispensary, said “It bothers me quite a bit…I believed Trump when he said he was going to leave everything to the states. Now appointing the Senator as attorney general is a huge, huge step backward.” We agree with Mr. Kim and we feel like it is a YUGE step backward as well, however, politicians are well known to say one thing during the campaign and follow up with something completely different once in office.


Even with all of the passing of the most recent propositions, marijuana remains an illegal drug under federal law; some industry leaders and some elected officials are afraid that Senator Sessions might repeal a policy directive from the Department of Justice that currently prevents enforcement in the states. Another avenue that Sessions might take is to take Nevada and others to court and argue that federal law preempts state legalization measures. We are not certain to exactly what will happen in the future but we know one thing for sure, the fight is not over. Not even close.

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