Florida’s Medical Marijuana Grow Houses Stand Strong After Hurricane Irma

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Along with the rest of the Florida population, medical marijuana providers have been taking precautions for the hurricane season since the beginning of the year. Although the new industry prepared for the damaging conditions they could face such as wind, rotting, and flooding, no amount of planning could fully prepare them for their first encounter with the hurricane season.

Despite the damage Hurricane Irma’s 140 mph winds did to numerous areas of Florida, The Miami Herald stated that the industry is intact and as strong as ever. Medical marijuana cultivators have reported that products will arrive at retailers on schedule as normal, regardless of any damage done by the category 4 hurricane.

Spokesman for Miami-Dade based Modern Health Concepts, Flor Santiesteban, expressed how thankful he was for being spared the worst of the storm, considering how badly some areas of the state were affected. He told reporters their cultivation and processing facilities are up and running thanks to backup power and they have continued taking patient orders.

Grow facility, Surterra Wellness, in Tampa reported only minor damage such as light flooding and a broken roof, while Trulieve in Tallahassee was forced to suspend their deliveries because of the hectic evacuation process. So far, none of the state’s cannabis providers have reported anything more than minimal damage to their business.

3 Boys Farm director of dispensary management, Bill Monroe, stated, “there is a little bit of damage to the top elements of their greenhouse, but the cultivation center remained intact.”

Florida’s medical marijuana industry was tested as they were faced with Hurricane Irma, but they successfully pulled through and will be better prepared for the future hurricane seasons.

Original Article: https://merryjane.com/news/hurricane-irma-medical-marijuana-aftermath


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