Conserving the Cannabis Community in Mendocino

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Mendocino County is well-known for its alluring coast and two major crops, one of them is wine and the other is cannabis. These two leading industries have been running in the same circle lately as cannabis begins to advance towards appellation. Flow Kana is ahead of the curve as they have recently purchased 80 acres of property that used to belong to a winery. Flow Kana acquired the property with plans of creating the world’s first cannabis campus and processing center geared towards small-batch craft cannabis farms.


“Just as a small coffee farmer brings their coffee beans to a centralized facility to be dried, roasted, processed and packaged at scale, the Flow Cannabis Institute will provide a centralized location for small, independent cannabis farmers to test, dry, cure, trim, process, package, manufacture and distribute their harvest at a massive scale,” said Michael Steinmetz, Flow Kana Founder and CEO. “This is part of our continued commitment to the small cannabis farmers to bring their sustainable sun-grown high quality cannabis to consumers throughout California.”


This actually will allow small farmers to compete with Big Cannabis by bringing together the entire supply chain (lab testing, processing, distribution, manufacturing) and other industrial amenities that are not always available to small farms. By conserving the small farms in Mendocino County Flow Kana is preserving the history of cannabis in our country, this industry wasn’t built on 3,000 sq. ft. greenhouses and massive indoor grow operations. This industry was built by a small group of farmers who believed in a new way of medicating and providing medicine for the community.


Industries and companies like Flow Kana are true pioneers when it comes to cannabis moving forward in the era of legalization. As it seems like everyone else is looking for a way to scale up in size, it is exhilarating to know that one company is focused on protecting the core of the cannabis community in Mendocino County.

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