Get Ready For Your Scariest Cannabis Experience Yet

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‘Tis the season of hayrides, haunted houses, and all things scary. Do you think these horrific experiences would be better or worse after consuming cannabis? Heretic House in California is about to put it to the test for the first time this Halloween in their new horror show “SLEEP”.

Heretic House is an extreme, exclusive, and full-contact horror experience ran by husband and wife Adrian Marcato and Jessica Murder (not their real names). The couple hosts various themed horror simulations year-round, but only to a handful of guests per show. To be chosen for the experience, you must sign a waiver, submit a full medical evaluation, be at least 21 years old, and have a medical marijuana card. Not everyone who submits will be chosen. Heretic House is known to be particularly aggressive, dragging guests around in the dark, dumping fake blood all over their heads, or cutting at their clothes with scissors.

SLEEP is one of the first cannabis-friendly haunts to ever be done. Their website states that it is “an extreme horror experience that will challenge you psychologically.” During SLEEP, guests will be help down, bound, or guided throughout the hour-long experience, while being forced to watch numerous disturbing events happen around them. At certain points of the experience, guests will be moved to rooms where they have the option to consume cannabis in multiple forms including flowers, edibles, and wax. Guests may decline the cannabis at any point if they choose to, and can end the simulation at any time by announcing a safe word, which will be written on their arms in case they forget.

“We’re using monsters and other creepy elements, but it’s more based on paranoia because sometimes when people smoke, that’s what gets enhanced,” Marcato said. “So we play up the paranoia a lot with heavy visuals. You can tie someone that’s high to a chair, and make them see this creepy thing in front of them that escapes behind them, and then they have to wonder when it will attack them. There’s a lot of psychological dread that we try to plant inside the guests—moments where you’re alone in the dark, where you’re seeing things, or where you’re held down.”

SLEEP’s beta tests are going well, so far, with participants reporting an enhanced terrifying experience after consuming cannabis. Performer in the show, Ash Newton, says he thinks the scariest moments of the show will be when the participant is alone.

Marcato says we should expect to see more cannabis-friendly attractions from them in the future.


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