La Mesa Finally Allows Cannabis Business In after 20 years

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La Mesa Finally Allows Cannabis Business’ In after 20 years


La Mesa is a small beach town located in Southern California near San Diego, last November they voted to allow cannabis business’ to operate in their town. Measure U, allows medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation centers, and manufacturing sites within city limits. Prior to last November the town of La Mesa had prohibited cannabis for nearly 20 years. With the vote, La Mesa became the third city in San Diego County to welcome cannabis businesses.


The change in laws has created somewhat of a green rush as cannabis businesses rush to become the first to market in the new area. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and for decades state lawmakers left it to local governments to set their own licensing regulations and zoning rules on grow sites and dispensaries. Many cities and towns chose to ban cannabis business but those ordinances backfired.


What was once a hostile host to cannabis has become a premier investment opportunity for all cannabis businesses. Since the voted last November real estate values have reportedly tripled for some of the properties that are eligible to become dispensaries. There is at least 16 applicants that are seeking medical marijuana licenses, and investors are arriving from as far away as Morocco. The unexpected epicenter of this green rush is Center Street, a small industrial loop on the city’s north side.


Center Street’s current occupants aren’t intimidated at all about the new neighbors they are soon likely to have, most approach the controversy with a curiosity. To make the new green rush even more excited, the permits to allow cannabis businesses to operate will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. California is well known for attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists a year because of it’s beautiful beaches, now there’s one more reason to visit Southern California.

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