State of Emergency: “Nevada’s Running out of Recreational Marijuana!”

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Nevada is running out of weed faster than they can carry it to the front of the store; they’re not allowed to…


From the fist second of recreational marijuana legalization in Nevada, sales have far exceeded everyone’s dreams and expectations, which now threatens to leave some dispensaries empty and dry. It’s been less than 3 weeks since the state began recreational marijuana distribution, and dozens of dispensaries are already worried they might soon have to shut their doors, due to not being able to restock their own supplies.


Currently, only a few companies that are also licensed to distribute liquor [and marijuana] in Nevada are able to bring the valuable product to dispensaries,” Nevada Public Radio’s Casey Morell reported for NPR’s Newscast unit. “The dispensaries say that’s why they’re running out of the drug.”

Currently, only a few wholesalers have the license and exclusivity to distribute, and nothing is scheduled to change for the first 18 months…. But, that could change very soon.

Gov. Brian Sandoval has endorsed the Department of Taxation’s Statement of Emergency, which will hopefully allow Nevada to adopt temporary regulations in regards to the licensing of marijuana distributors. The council is set to meet Thursday afternoon. What’re your thoughts on fixing the issue?

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