Top 10 Reasons Vaping Is Gaining in Popularity

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By Alice Grace

A vaporizer is a device that is used to actually vaporize cannabis essential oil for the purpose of inhalation. Vaporizers heat up cannabis in such a way that it does not combust or catch on fire rather the heating process causes the oil to release its cannabinoids into a vapor which is then easily inhaled. There are many reasons this process has gained in popularity.

1. Good Health – Vaping is possibly a lot healthier than smoking. The process of vaporizing heats the cannabis but transfers the beneficial properties of the essential oil into vapor rather than into smoke which may contain harmful substances. While the jury is still out definitively there is no question that vaping cuts down on the amount of harmful substances that can be ingested with smoke.

2. The effects – Many consumers report that the high experienced when vaping lasts longer than when ingesting via other methods such as a bong, pipe or edible. They also describe the sensation as more intense. Additionally, the speed with which the effects start to occur in the body are quicker and longer lasting.

3. Taste – Vaping straight cannabis oil is often described as a flavorful experience. And bonus – There are also countless flavor concentrates you can use to mix it up!

4. Ease of Use – Newbies to marijuana or beginners trying out vaporizers for the first time have an easy time with user-friendly vaporizers. Just a short quick breath and you’re there! Also, there can be a lot of coughing and lung irritation when taking deep inhalations of smoke. Vaping calls for short intakes of breath that are kinder on the lungs.

5. Portable – Traveling with vaporizers and cannabis oil is often easier than other methods of use as these items are very portable and easier to conceal making them less of a target for law enforcement. Devices are small and if you want to let your Vape Flag Fly There are even travel kits where you can store your device, extra oils and flavor cartridges and toss it in your suitcase.

6. Clean – As far as methods by which a consumer can enjoy using marijuana, vaping is very clean. There is no ash to clean up or bong water to dispose of. The device doesn’t take up a lot of room and does not leave behind a smoky residue, either.

7. Environmentally Friendly – Vapor is far less harmful to the environment than smoke. By that one standard alone vaping is an earth-friendly activity. But, in addition to this, manufacturers continue to practice better methods and techniques to ensure less harmful impacts on the earth such as recycling batteries, etc.

8. No Scent – Vaping is odorless making it ideal in situations when you don’t want to smell like cannabis.

9. Delivery – The effects of vaping are immediate and concentrated levels of CBD can be delivered quickly and highly effectively which is of great import especially to those using marijuana medicinally.

10. It’s Quick – vaping is a fast and easy process. Pull out your vape pen, take a puff and be on your way. Is it any wonder why it’s so popular?

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