Business of Marijuana: The University of Denver

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Business of Marijuana: The University of Denver


The marijuana industry can be very lucrative and the University of Denver wants to prepare students that are interested in pursuing careers in the marijuana industry. Breaking into the industry up until very recently meant that you had to have the right connections and just know the right people to get an apprenticeship to learn about the industry. The stigma marijuana has had for so many years is beginning to fade away and here is one example of exactly how marijuana is going more mainstream.


The University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business will be offering a course in marijuana business. The private university has had two previous courses focused on marijuana and they also offer courses in marijuana law and cannabis journalism. Opportunities are available more and more as marijuana businesses and start-up’s are looking for young educated individuals to join their team.


“We will really be tapping into all of those sources to try to get a clear picture of what’s similar and what’s different in this industry compared to other industries,” says Paul Seaborn, assistant professor of management at DU and instructor of the course. “Whether it’s alcohol or tobacco, even automotive or biotech. Lots of comparing and contrasting to see what makes it unique and what are the common issues these industries have experienced in these early stages.”

These classes will teach skills and begin to build industry knowledge for undergraduate and graduate students as a management elective credit and general business elective credit. The lessons and knowledge that these students will be learning is invaluable and excellent preparation for real-life situations. We wonder if they know how lucky they are to be given an opportunity none of the previous generations could even fathom. We hope they will remember who paved the way and who fought for an industry no one believed in at first.

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