W Vapes Teams up with Slyng for a Dispensary Strain Poster

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W Vapes is excited to team up with Slyng on a strain poster featuring 50 popular cannabis strains. Slyng is the first real cannabis industry community where users can search for deals, products, and events as well as have full access to write reviews and educate themselves on all industry products and information.


With the likes of: AK-47, Blue Dream, Chemo Kush, Death Star, G13, LA Confidential, Mango Haze, Presidential Kush, Silver Haze and Tahoe OG. You are guaranteed to find a strain on the poster that is a classic or a new found favorite. Slyng is definitely changing the game when it comes to reviewing products and offering incentives for those who choose to review products.


Slyng features products, reviews, events, and even brand pages where you can find your favorite brands and the full list of products that they provide. What’s also important to note is that Slyng is an excellent resource for educating the new generation of cannabis patients and soon to be recreational users on the newest technology in the cannabis industry.


W Vapes is a big proponent for lab tested quality cannabis products and all of the products that W Vapes releases undergoes multiple stages of testing before anything hits the shelves. Attention to detail is everything in the cannabis industry and that’s why Slyng is such an excellent partner for W Vapes to work with.


Slyng’s attention to detail in creating a platform for the cannabis community speaks volumes about the creators behind Slyng. The strain posters can be found in dispensaries up and down the coast of California. If you would like to see a strain poster at your local dispensary head over to Slyng.com and drop them a note or follow our W Vapes social media accounts, for up to date news and events.

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