California’s First Members-Only Cannabis Cafe

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Nestled among the dive bars and music studios of North Hollywood sits Wake and Bake cafe. Wake and Bake is an Amsterdam-style cannabis cafe, offering its members free wifi, cable TV, a hot cup of coffee and a cozy place to consume cannabis products. Wake and Bake is a place where writers can take refuge from the hustle of coffee shop traffic, and where anyone can come roll up big joints or puff on their vape pen all day.


A daily membership to Wake and Bake will cost you only $10 and as owner Brian Wilson says “If you look at 99.999% of the other dispensaries, that’s not the cannabis culture. The stores look like places like you shouldn’t be, like really sketchy looking, really underground, and they don’t look presentable to the American people. We wanted to create something that best represents our culture.”


You won’t find the large glass display cases overflowing with cannabis like you would at a traditional dispensary or cannabis club. Wake and Bake offers large pre-rolled joints and regular sized pre-rolled joints in limited number of flavors; some edibles; rolling papers; and small cans of Top Shelf by The Highest Cure. Tobacco products are not on hand but you will find organic juices, long tables and comfortable chairs filling the members-only front lounge.


Since the doors opened in the fall of 2016, Wake and Bake has earned 140 yearly members who either have the Gold Card for $50/month and $420/year, or the Black Card for $100/month and $650/year. The cafe has also sold more than 400 day use passes which comes as no surprise with all the tourists coming into town and members who have long commutes home.


Wake and Bake is like a local after work hangout bar for the cannabis community and it fills a piece of the California cannabis culture that has been missing. We can only hope that more places like Wake and Bake will pop up in the future as more and more Americans are opening up to the thought of marijuana being a viable medicine.

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