What is the origin of W Vapes cannabis oil, and how is it made?

How long does the oil in a cartridge last?

How do W Vapes cartridges and batteries work?

Where can I buy W Vapes?

We are pleased to bring our products to consumers via cannabis dispensaries throughout Nevada. You can find a cannabis dispensary near you by using our store locator here: Dispensary Locator

If your local provider does not carry W Vapes, ask them to contact us at: b2b.nv@wvapes.com to ask for samples or a product demonstration.

What makes W Vapes different?

W Vapes puts patients first by providing the highest quality medicine in our easy-use and safe devices. The metal and glass construction of our cartridges preserves the robust flavor of our premium cannabis oils and is completely safe under high temperatures. We use only supercritical CO2 for our extraction, and use zero additives making W Vapes the cleanest and safest vape cartridge available.

We guarantee the quality and safety of our medicines through rigorous laboratory testing by our staff scientists as well as by a third-party laboratory. Our oils are also strain-specific; we use a proprietary terpene separation process which enables us to preserve and reintroduce the original terpenes (extracted from the original flower, not food grade imitations) into our oils, creating a very robust and authentic strain-specific flavor experience.
We are centered around providing our vendors and patients with quality medicine and support.

I’m a dispensary/delivery service, how can I stock W Vapes?

Thank you for your interest in W Vapes products! We would be honored to offer our product in your dispensary. Prospective clients can start by emailing: b2b.nv@wvapes.com

Why Jupiter Research CCell cartridges?

Quality! Glass and metal can handle exposure to extreme heat. They preserve the flavor and taste of our oil, without the risk of plastics leaching into the oil.

My vape isn’t working! What do I do?

One common issue can be an inert or partially charged battery. Always make sure to keep your battery charged up to enjoy W Vapes to the fullest. If this wasn’t the problem, please contact our customer service dept at info@wvapes.com or 877-929-5859 and we’ll make sure we get your vape functioning ASAP.

My battery is blinking! What do I do?

This indicates a low charge or a lack of connectivity between your battery and the cartridge. First, make sure your battery is fully charged (30-45min). If the problem continues, try using a cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points of both the battery and the cartridge.

Our push button batteries are 5 on/5 off, which means you push the button 5 times to turn it on (then hold down the button for vaping) and push it 5 times to turn it off when you are finished.

Can I refill my cartridge?

We do not advise refilling any W Vapes cartridges.

Disposable?! You mean I just throw this pen away!?

Even though they’re SUPER nice, yes disposable does mean you can throw them away.

How is the oil made?

We start with small batches of strain-specific, 100% pesticide-free cannabis. Supercritical CO2 is used for extraction of the plant material, which features our proprietary terpene separation process, allowing us to remove and preserve the natural terpenes prior to, and during the extraction process.

The cannabis extract is then purified and converted into premium cannabis oil, that concentrates the cannabinoids and removes plant waxes and lipids. Finally, we reintroduce just the right amount of the original strain-specific terpenes to give our cannabis oils that rich perfect flavor and provides the patient with an enjoyable, robust vaping experience.

Do you have any additives?

No, we don’t use any additives. Our oil is 100% pure cannabis oil.

Do you use flavoring?

No, we only use the natural terpenes that occur within the flower itself to give our oils their true flavor profiles.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are hydrocarbons that excrete from the essential oils of the flower and give them their scent and flavor profiles. Many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis are due to the specific terpenes in the various strains.

How strong is it?

We have a variety of potencies which you can find on the side of each box or in the lab results section of our webpage. Generally our strains range from 60% – 90% total cannabinoids.

How long will a cartridge last?

Depending on how hard you draw, a W Vapes 500 mg cartridge will have around 150 puffs, a 300 mg cartridge will have around 100 puffs, and our Disposable Pens will have around 120 puffs.

Are you hiring?

If you would like to work for W Vapes, please visit: https://wvapes.com/career-opportunities/

Battery capacity and specs?

Direct Inhale Battery – 280 mAh and approximately 50 – 75 pulls

Push Button Battery – 350 mAh and approximately 100 – 125 pulls

What if I don’t like the vape? Can I return it?

Yes. Simply return the product to the vendor it was purchased from as we refund our vendors in batch with each delivery. 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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