Winning Streak for W Vapes Earning ‘Best New Product” at Hempcon

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Winning Streak for W Vapes

W Vapes adds to its list of wins with “Best Personal Vaporizer” at HempCon 2016 in San Francisco, California.  “Best Personal Vaporizer”, a coveted industry award, was given to the W Vapes team, the evening of January 23rd, 2016 at the first HempCon trade show and award ceremony of the year.  HempCon is a highly respected trade show, bringing the medicinal cannabis industry together, founded in 2009 and the first funded by the Mentor Capital Public Cannabis Fund in 2014.

W Vapes launched in August of 2015 with their premier products, the sleek, organic, CO2 extracted, and strain specific medicinal cannabis oil W Vape Pens at HempCon Cup San Francisco in August 2015.  Within a few months W Vapes won “Best New Product” at HempCon Dab CupSan Jose, won “Best New Product” at HempCon CupSan Bernardino and “Best Concentrate” at The Green Games in San Diego at the 420 Pot Luck.  Now adding “Best Personal Vaporizer” from HempConSan Francisco 2016 to its growing list of awards.  Scaling quickly with a retail locator on the website, W Vapes will exhibit and compete at High Times Cannabis Cup 2016 from January 30 – 31, 2016 and February 5 – 7, 2016 at the National Orange Events Center in San Bernardino.

W Vapes, a new company out of Los Angeles California, offers premium quality, locally sourced, organic, co2 extracted supercritical cannabis oil vape pens.  Both disposable pens and cartridges, along with push-button and direct-inhale rechargeable battery packs, are created with a modern sleek design.  Offered in popular strain specific varieties such as Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG and Sour Diesel, W Vapes uses the most innovative technology in their extraction process.

Batches are regularly tested by an outside lab to ensure W Vapes provides the highest quality organic cannabis oil at all times.  W Vapes cannabis oils maintain the outstanding full flavor and aroma of each strain, improving the medicinal benefits. The unique delivery system features glass cartridges designed with a stainless steel inner tube and tip, allowing for increased air flow and enhancing the overall experience.  W Vapes encourages recycling with its disposable pen and battery recycling program outlined on their website,


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