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This past weekend during the other award show that was going on, cannabis industry professionals were in downtown Los Angeles celebrating The Best Edibles List Awards for 2016. The list included many cannabis industry pioneers and there were also some new names on the list.


Out of the thousands of cannabis brands and products that are currently on the medical marijuana market the best brands were in attendance. There were 97 cannabis products that earned the number one spot on Sunday evening. W Vapes was fortunate enough to top 3 lists last night: Most Potent Vape, Strongest Co2 Concentrate Vape and Best Sativa Vape.


The Best Edibles List Awards has been going for a few years now and we wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see similar award shows starting to become more frequent now that everyone is becoming more open minded to the cannabis industry. We think it already marks a change for the better to have people from the cannabis industry choosing to celebrate the industry’s best products available on the market.


Awards are sometimes voted on by the industry peers, the cannabis industry is somewhat different because the only people to really vote on the awards have to be from the industry. The difference between the terms “cannabis community” and cannabis industry is that the cannabis industry consists of professionals who are not only invested emotionally but also financially.


We are very excited to be a part of the list and we will to continue to work hard to hopefully make the list next year as well. We are most excited to have the opportunity to provide an ultra clean top quality cannabis product to all current medical marijuana patients. We believe the future is bright for W Vapes and for the cannabis industry/community. Follow us on our W Vapes social media accounts for the latest in news and events from around the cannabis industry.

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