W Vapes Featured: From Seed To Oil

What makes for a true premium cannabis oil experience? “It’s all about the grow — it’s where the magic happens,” says Sean Corrigan of W Vapes. “As far as genetics go, the real key to great cannabis is great genetics, so you want to start out with a good strain by seed or clone.” Corrigan, during a recent cultivation tour of W Vapes in Las Vegas, walked through what is essentially a six-step process from seed to oil to create a premium cannabis vape experience for the ultimate high:

W Vapes Featured: Go With The FLO By Dope Magazine

Nighttime is my valuable ‘me time,’ and I need to make the most of it. Usually I’m reaching for my indica pen to magically send me off to dreamland, but not today.

W Vapes Featured: Disposable Vaporizer By Edibles Magazine

W Vapes has redesigned their super subtle disposable vape pen and made a few improvements to the product that had already won the prestigious Hempcon award for Best Personal Vaporizer of 2016.

4 W Vapes Cartridges You Should Try

While most vapes on the market look pretty but taste bad or artificial, W Vapes has 4 strains that consumers actually enjoy.  All the strains are CO2 extracted and then re-infused with strain specific terpenes which smart and savvy consumers will appreciate.  

HOLY GRAIL HYBRID Vape Cartridge Review

W Vapes’ Holy Grail Review While Holy Grail is a fairly new strain for W Vapes, the company is well established in the cartridge world. “We provide multiple strains by season with…

Clear World of Vaping: W Vapes Review

When you come across certain companies, you understand that their name alone carries with it a certain level of expected excellence…

Edibles Magazine Review of Ringo’s Gift CBD Cartridge

W Vapes Ringo’s Gift 300mg pure Co2 Cannabis Oil CBD cartridge is the newest product offered by W Vapes! This company has worked hard to become a favorite brand of many within the industry…

AC/DC CBD Vape Cartridge

“Gold in, Gold out.” That is W Vapes motto for creating the finest cannabis oil extracts available in a CBD Vape cartridge. AC/DC CBD Vape Cartridge single sourced oil means that everything…

Edibles Magazine List Product Review: W Dabs by W Vapes

W Dabs are the new line of 100% pure Co2 concentrates being produced by W Vapes. Like the oil in their vape cartridges, W Dabs are all natural, and extracted from top shelf…

W Vapes Makes The Edibles List Holiday Ganja Gift Guide

W Vapes products have been on the market for over a year now, and have been continually evolving and improving the entire time. Our gift guide pick for them this season is their line of 500 mg Co2 Oil Vape Cartridges.

The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: Featuring W Vapes

Gift Guide W Vapes. What a great time it is to be a cannabis patient right now at this moment in time! Especially when there are companies like W Vapes that is changing the game when it comes to cannabis concentrates…

W Vapes Skywalker Cartridge Review on Culture Website

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of laws or the fact that there were only about three women in the entire galaxy, but the Star Wars universe seems stressful…

Vape Review: W Vapes Disposable 350mg Banana Cookie

My first thoughts were this is a disposable device. At least to me, this comes with some kind of negative connotation. Past experience leads me to believe that the product may be less thought out or some corners were cut…

W Vapes – Disposable Vape Pen

The W Vapes Disposable Vape Pen is dependable, leak-proof and delicious – it’s the ideal choice for easy, on-the-go usage. There are no questions with this pen – you get consistent hits, delicious flavor and powerful effects each time…

“Best New Product” Hempcon Dab Cup San Jose 2015

“Best New Product” Hempcon Dab Cup San Jose 2015…

OC Weed Review: Alien OG from W Vapes

W Vapes comes to us with one of the most advanced totally disposable pens on the market. Loaded with 350 mg of Alien OG extracted cannabis oil, once empty, you simply throw the whole…

Hempcon Champions Cup “Best New Product”

Modern sophistication and timeless elegance have become synonymous with W Vapes. Their refined hardware and supercritical CO2 extracted strain-specific oils are exactly what discerning consumers have been demanding….

City Spliff Product Highlights – W Vapes Disposable Vape

W Vapes product line is available online at They offer a variety of strains and options to choose from, we tried out the Hybrid FOG. W Vapes does have a rechargeable pen and removable cartridge version for those looking to alternate between…

W Vapes: Technology is Changing The Shape of Vape

Vaporizing cannabis is a popular alternative to the traditional route of smoking, with its use steadily rising over the past several years. While vaporizers like The Volcano have been around for a long time, portable pen-style models have become especially…

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