4 W Vapes Cartridges You Should Try

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While most vapes on the market look pretty but taste bad or artificial, W Vapes has 4 strains that consumers actually enjoy.  All the strains are CO2 extracted and then re-infused with strain specific terpenes which smart and savvy consumers will appreciate.  


Ice Queen, a hybrid strain brings you to a relaxed and euphoric place off a couple pulls.  It is great at elevating your mood with its sweet and floral taste.  


Another hybrid strain that is great for anytime use is Skywalker.  This strain has been known to make consumers feel mellow and chill without the sleepy side effects. The flavor is floral and has a slightly sweet aftertaste.


For those days that you just want to “Netflix and chill”, hybrid Banana Cookie, is the answer.  The high has an uplifting effect where you feel happy but not giddy. The flavor has some light fruit overtones mixed with some pine flavor.


Finally, for those restless nights when falling asleep is a challenge the True OG Indica strain will become part of your nightly rituals.  The earthy citrus taste is very grounding and the high feels like a warm blanket over your body and provides long and luxurious hours of rest.  Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to wake up and be producti4 W Vapes Cartridges You Should Try

For the full article written by Ashley Manta of Leafly go to https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/4-w-vape-cartridges-try

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