AC/DC CBD Vape Cartridge

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“Gold in, Gold out.” That is W Vapes motto for creating the finest cannabis oil extracts available in a CBD Vape cartridge. AC/DC CBD Vape Cartridge single sourced oil means that everything inside the cartridge came from the same batch of high quality cannabis flowers, there are no added flavorings or terpenes present either, only the natural flavor of the high-potency strains. Additionally, this golden oil is extracted only from finest flowers (no trim or excess plant matter here) with CO2 and ultra-distilled for the most clean and pure taste. Harvested from pesticide-free farms, W Vapes definitely pulls through on offering a truly perfect, no-additive, high end cartridge. Perfect for those looking to combat anxiety and aching pain without any additional psychoactive effects, it contains an astonishing 68 percent CBD and only six percent THC. Available throughout California, W Vapes doesn’t miss the mark with this outstanding CBD cartridge.

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