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Alien OG from W Vapes Review

W Vapes comes to us with one of the most advanced totally disposable pens on the market.  Loaded with 350 mg of Alien OG extracted cannabis oil, once empty, you simply throw the whole pen away, battery and all.  The environmental type?  So are W Vapes, and they encourage you to recycle your pens by mailing them back to them postage free.

One of our favorite characteristics of the W Vapes is its small and portable format.  Easily thrown into a pocket, these pens let you vape your cannabis anywhere vaping is allowed.  And because the W Vapes pen looks like any other disposable e-cigarette on the market, discreet medicating is a snap, regardless of your setting.

Overall, I was surprised at how sturdy these pens were, considering that they were completely disposable.  Although the tendency towards cheap construction is strong among disposable products, W Vapes uses durable parts to keep your pen working from beginning to end.  That said, I would discourage long storage of your pen once you begin use.  Tight draws become more of a problem when your pen is left sitting over time.

W Vapes use clean and safe supercritical CO2 extracted oil in their disposable pens, making them a healthy option when choosing a vape brand.  By the means of a proprietary technique, terpenes are separated and reintroduced during the extraction process to ensure strain specific characteristics in every pen.  This step places W Vapes apart from their competition, who usually see exhausted terpenes as an acceptable loss.

With most W Vapes oils coming in around 50% THC, they fall in the midrange for potency among vape pens, perfect for precise medicating without needing to worry about overdoing it.  Knowing W Vapes provides strain specific effects and flavors, I was expecting a stoney head, a sedated body, and a piney and citrus flavor.  Check, check, and… check.  A hybrid of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, Alien OG is the heavy indica you’d expect from an OG and Kush hybrid, making this pen an effective solution for pain control, anti-anxiety effects, and insomnia relief.

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