The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide: Featuring W Vapes

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The 420 Times Holidaze Gift Guide W Vapes

Gift Guide W Vapes. What a great time it is to be a cannabis patient right now at this moment in time! Especially when there are companies like W Vapes that is changing the game when it comes to cannabis concentrates. This past month we had a chance to visit W Vapes offices to get the scoop on what makes their products unique and cutting edge. W Vapes approach to quality cannabis concentrates along with great quality hardware have set their brand and products ahead of the pack. Which explains why they are winning cups and awards for their outstanding attention to detail. They start with only the finest and purest (free of pesticides and molds) cannabis to create their refined supercritical CO2 oils.The cartridges have to be the best we’ve seen on the market today with the smallest return rate (damaged cartridges) in the industry, which if you have purchased a pre-filled cannabis cartridge from other producers and they leak or don’t perform- then you understand what we mean. W Vapes cannabis vapes come in a variety of strains and types, indica, sativa, hybrid.

Each cartridge is also marked on the side I, S, or H to indicate the type, which we absolutely love, especially if you have more than one at a time. W Vapes premium cannabis oil is available in 300mg, 500mg, and 1Gram pre-filled cartridges. Our review team tried out a variety of their flavors including; Royal Blueberry, Sour Diesel, GSC (GS cookies), the award winning Banana Cookies, and finally the disposable vape option with True OG. Each puff has a beautiful cloud body and total flavor of the strain featured.

As mentioned above, W Vapes also offers a disposable version vape for easy use and disposal once empty, which has an easy to see window on the side to indicate the level of cannabis oil that is left inside. The disposable as well as all W Vape batteries come fully charged and ready for use. Not only is the hardware for W Vapes supreme, but the cannabis oil inside is sure to please the most opinionated connoisseur. Our team had a hard time picking which strain was a favorite as each have their own unique terpene profile and each are delicious and potent! W Vapes is so sure that you’ll love their product, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their cartridges and batteries- that’s something you don’t often see in this market today. W Vapes are confident that their products are sure to make you a fan of their variety, quality, and outstanding customer support. Find W Vapes at your favorite collective or find a collective near you throughout all of California at Read The Full Article

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