Vape Review: W Vapes Disposable 350mg Banana Cookie

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Vape Review: W Vapes Disposable 350mg Banana Cookie
My first thoughts were this is a disposable device. At least to me, this comes with some kind of negative connotation. Past experience leads me to believe that the product may be less thought out or some corners were cut. I know that those thoughts are a little prejudiced, but that is just my experience. Furthermore, vaping is not my first choice in medicating. I would much rather touch feel and smell what I am about to ingest. But they have their purpose. There are times where you just need to get the medicine into your system no matter where you are. At least with the vape, you can find a corner for a moment of privacy to do your thing.
I really like the packaging for this product. It’s not very complicated, but well-designed and clearly details all of the pertinent information. After removing the Pen from the packaging, I was once again perplexed because it looks a little different than I expected. It looks like a literal pen. There are no buttons, or a distinguishable mouthpiece. It’s actually kind of gorgeous in a way. It has a really nice solid feel to it too. I would like to nominate this for a industrial design award.


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