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Welcome to City Spliff Product Highlights. We’re going to be checking out the W Vapes disposable vape pen and Cartridge.

W Vapes product line is available online at They offer a variety of strains and options to choose from, we tried out the Hybrid FOG. W Vapes does have a rechargeable pen and removable cartridge version for those looking to alternate between Sativa, Hybrid and Indica cartridges. The disposable pen we checked out has 350 mg dose compared to the removable cartridge which has a 500 mg dose. Check out there website for more comparisons.

The W Vapes disposable pen came with nicely branded packaging, no USB charger or protective case needed. The disposable pen features black and grey styling with the “W” logo engraved in the silver tip.

There is no manual push button to use when taking a hit but the disposable version automatically starts working when you take a drag illuminating the “W” at the tip of the battery. The UN-removable cartridge has an oil gauge in order to check oil levels while the mouthpiece and cartridge have a tight cylindrical design, seamlessly blended into each section of the entire vape pen.

This design felt solid and seemed to leave very little room for leaks but be sure to follow us to see how it holds up over time. As far as smoking goes the hits were smooth and a flavorful, tasting a little bit more like cannabis than some others we’ve tried but effective and flavorful no questions asked. We were lucky enough to find the disposable version selling at a local delivery service for about $45 dollars. ***prices may vary***

Here are our initial first impressions for the W Vapes Disposable Vape…

  • First, the flavor… It’s mild aroma of cannabis coupled with its fast acting effect was something we personally appreciated.

  • Second, versatility…You can take this vape with you anywhere and not have to worry about it breaking, leaking or turning on or off on its own! The cartridge does not detach from the battery nor does it have a manual push button which can be easily pressed accidentally in your pocket, purse or wallet leading to unnecessary battery loss or breakage.


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