W Vapes Featured: Go With The FLO By Dope Magazine

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Nighttime is my valuable ‘me time,’ and I need to make the most of it. Usually I’m reaching for my indica pen to magically send me off to dreamland, but not today. I got the kids to sleep and eagerly went for my KandyPen. Flo, from W Vapes, is an organic, CO2 extracted oil that is 100 percent pure. It’s packaged with two pre-filled, shatter-resistant glass syringes. It was easy to use and a clean application. I decided something this pure would be best with a ceramic atomizer. It was a good call. I added about half the syringe. It was all I needed to feel focused, relaxed and centered. I got a good two-hour boost and fell asleep with no issues. Equally exciting, my six a.m. alarm was the next thing I encountered and I awoke feeling well-rested and motivated for the new day.

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